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Multilanguage Web as a Tool

Once upon a time there were borders, until digitalization came and erased them…The Web is a window to the world. The e-commerce boom and social media are a constant and “almost obligatory” invitation to globalization. There are multiple advantages of becoming a global brand. Here, we give you a few tips for opening up your company to the world.

1.    KNOW THE CLIENT: Research market studies carried out by known companies. Use the DATA. That’s the magic word for this new era. Social Media has the appropriate tools to describe your audience’s profile. Take advantage of this and build your brand based on the experiences the clients wish to live.

Cultural differences are key: Being able to identify the market niches will help you create the appropriate message for each. Generalization is never the answer. Start off by UNDERSTANDING: that is our motto because our experience has demonstrated it.

Current clients want brands to make their lives easier: Does your brand do this? How can you interfere in their lives in a positive way responding to this need? Base your mission and vision on this.

2.    ANALYZE THE COMPETITION: without fear and objectively. Find your distinctive value and project it.

3.    Build a SWOT matrix: A SWOT analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company's competitive position by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

4.    Develop your brand’s image: Everything is communicated! Take care of the details. From the logo, the colors, the message, and the media where to present it, the packaging.

Social Media are great Branding boosters. The client has to live the experience from anywhere. Speak from emotions and not from the product.

ATTENTION: regarding Global brands: the guidance of an experienced interpreter is necessary and we can help you.

There may be words: that are in the brand’s name or slogan that can mean something negative in countries other than the one of origin. You must work the message in each language so that it can communicate what is intended.

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The advantages of the digital world and things to consider:


When dealing with Global Brands a Multilanguage website will be a helpful tool to get close to clients. There’s a prejudice that says: “English is the universal language.” It’s not completely wrong, but it’s not true either. To make clients feel “at home,” there’s nothing like speaking to them in their language. They will understand and live the experience more closely. It will be significantly more efficient and increase sales. It’s an invaluable point in your favor, since it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to do more specific searches within the site.

ATTENTION: We repeat: a Multilanguage Website is not the same as translating a website. Messages have to be adapted to transmit their true essence. With the guidance of a specialized translator, communications will be consistent with the weight that the user gives the message depending on its culture. For China, India, and Brazil there is huge cultural baggage that you must consider. It’s not hard: it only requires someone with the expertise. We can help you.

2.    For e-commerce: advantages and disadvantages. It gives companies profitability and allows Global Brands to reach markets that don’t have a developed distribution system.

3.    Take advantage of digital tools and transform them into sales:

A great percentage of consumer procurement processes originate in search engines, assisted by queries on social media and specialized websites. Companies must skillfully handle electronic media if they want to position themselves in the search results of clients. In Google’s case for example, key word planner AdWords and Google Trends,.

ADDITIONALLY: these tools help you know trends, searches, and niche opportunities for the product in other markets.

They will also help you measure results, work to boost your marketing plan and evolve. Compare your results in Google Analytics and measure your KPI’s.

Being an ally to help you “understand” the “Global” world without borders, is our specialty. We have experience and have been successful creating Global Brands that can serve as a guide to position your brand. We not only master the language: we understand the culture, which translates into added value for your brand.