Corporate Translations

Whether you have a small corporate office or many departments worldwide, we will help you solve your language communication barriers around the world.

No matter how many pages your document has, the language, or the subject matter, our accurate, culturally appropriate, and localized translations are always completed within your timeline and produced in any format you require. We ensure that all translated content fully complies with local requirements and is easily understood by the end-user.



We take a four-point quality control approach to translating:

1. Expert Translation

A professional translator translates your document paying close attention to context and content.

2. Editor Review

An editor perfects the translator’s draft, which then moves to a proofreader for final approval.

3. Proofreader Checks

The document is checked by a third professional, a proofreader, who gives the final approval.

4. Special Translation Memory Software

Finally, our special software keeps a database of each translation we do for you to ensure consistency in the future, and a discount for already translated content.



Working with Walmart’s Corporate Office for over 14 years has made us experts on translations from any language into English. Language combinations that are not as common in the translation world.

Here you can find some of the languages our team of professionals specialize in. However, we translate into any language. Give us a try, we know our business, and we are easy to work with!


The Spanish and English language have wildly different rules for sentence structure and pronunciation, therefore, it is super important that you choose a translation partner that has experience in this pair, we do.


Increasingly, our economy is expanding to Portuguese-speaking markets including Brazil. Therefore, the demand for translations from Portuguese into English is increasing. We have been helping companies translate both into and from Portuguese and English since 2004.


The Chinese and English languages are very different in pronunciation and form. If you're looking for an efficient way to branch out into the American or English speaking market from China, or from the US into China, then you've come to the right place.


If you want to take advantage of Japan’s high-tech environment and learn how they do business, or if you are in Japan and want to sell your products to US consumers, you will need to translate your information from Japanese into English. We have specialized in this language pair niche in the last 14 years.



An educated and informed workforce increases productivity, which increases your profit. The more your employees know about your business and their jobs, the better they will perform. We highly recommend you translate your rules, regulations, and instructions into their native language, it will help your bottom-line in the long run.

Translating your employee handbook into Spanish (or other languages) will keep everyone on the same page. Whether you have employees in one single location, or all over the world, making sure they are all trained with the same materials is key to maintaining uniformity in your brand.

It helps you avoid legal consequences. An informed employee on safety matters related to your company will have less chances of getting hurt, which can cost you money in medical bills, and potentially in legal fees too, who needs that?



Not only can presidents and diplomats at the United Nations count on the services of a professional interpreter, you can too. At weLanguages we have qualified and experienced interpreters to help your audience understand you better in any event that you may have inside or outside the United States.

We interpret during the following events:

  • Large or Small Conferences

  • Training Seminars

  • Depositions and Trials

Hispanic Cultural Consulting

weLanguages has been helping clients such as Sprint and many other advertising agencies and their clients reach the Hispanic market in the U.S. since 2000. We translate your ad copy for print, radio, or TV into Spanish and make sure that it is culturally appropriate for the people listening to or reading your ads. Our “maravilloso” Spanish cultural gurus, will help you create ads in Spanish that are relevant and impactful. Once the ad is created weLanguages helps you find the best voice talent to record your ad and offers coaching services during the recording to make sure the tone of the ad is appropriate, and the Spanish is pronounced properly.

Helping you reach the Hispanic Market in the US



No matter where your company is located.
We can satisfy your language translation or interpretation requirements.