Meet Our Amazing Team

Pamela Godoy Fiume (formerly Peterson)

Pamela is our passionate CEO  (passionate about weLanguages). Pamela has had a fascination with communication between people and cultures since she was young growing up in South America. She’s been in the translation business since she started her career in Los Angeles in the 90’s. She is also very passionate about the Golden Rule: giving our clients the service she would like to have herself if she was in search of translation services: high quality, seamless translations so she can sleep at night.

Pamela Peterson eLanguages Inc.

Andres Fekete

Andres has been with us for many years now. He has been an invaluable team member and he knows his stuff. He’s our “goto” guy when it comes to managing our translation memories (He keeps track of your projects). We feel lucky to have him, and even though you have no reason to know this, you would too if you knew what he does (hint: it saves you money and makes you look good).

Katherine Becker

Katherine Becker

Boy, where do we start to share with you what Katherine does for weLanguages. She’s the most amazing Project Manager, and she’s so committed to our clients, that she checks her email every minute she’s awake to see if someone needs a rush project ASAP, and she gets it done if at all possible. We love having her in our team.


A Big Team Of Professionals For You

weLanguages is an American Company, formed by a select group of certified, culturally experienced language professionals, such as translators, editors, proofreaders, interpreters, and project managers. Our CEO, Pamela Godoy Fiume, has always endeavored to treat our clients as if they were part of the company family, with detail-oriented customized attention, and exclusivity. She is the first one to get involved in every new project that comes in, and to guarantee the high level of quality and attention to detail that has always characterized us from the start. Which is why clients like Walmart, Western Union, Sprint, Einstein Bagels, Anaheim Ducks, and other well-known companies trust weLanguages with their translation needs.

We not only translate your documents, but we also interpret your words during meetings, and take the time to understand your business.

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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to glorify God through our commitment to integrity and excellence by helping our clients clearly and accurately communicate their vision and values to their stakeholders in different languages.