Human Resources Translation Services

As our world expands and skilled professionals move from country to country, the need to communicate is stronger than ever. If you are a business or organization that hires skilled professionals, you know it’s important to be clear on your policies and standards.

weLanguages offers translation services for your Human Resources Department when training or providing employee handbooks to your staff. Our cost-effective translation services can help you translate handbooks, training manuals, videos, procedure and policy documents.

It’s crucial to have employee documents, safety manuals and policies correctly translated so that every party involved fully comprehends the circumstances. You don’t want mistakes made because of a misunderstanding caused by a language barrier. 

weLanguages Services

We are industry leaders in the foreign language sector. Our workforce has a large panel of expert linguists that can translate Human Resource documents in many languages. We work with small businesses and large global companies, providing translation services quickly and at reasonable rates.

Benefits of Using weLanguages for your Human Resources Translation Services:

We work with all types of businesses translating HR handbooks and documents. For many companies we translate not only Spanish but, Chinese, Bosnian, Russin, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Punjabi and more. 

We have translated:

  • Tax documents

  • Employee manuals and benefits plans

  • Insurance documents

  • Training programs

  • Training Videos

  • Employee contracts

  • Safety manuals and documents

  • Compliance manuals and documents

  • Legal documents

No matter if you have a small corporate office or many departments worldwide, we will help you solve your language communication barriers. weLanguages has the experience and credibility to properly translate any subject matter with accuracy and cultural values. 

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