What is the Perfect Formula for eLearning?


“What is the Perfect Formula for an eLearning program that targets employees who speak different languages?”

These days, most companies no longer deal with localized employees, many work remotely in different parts of the world. The internet has made it possible for even the smallest company to handle customers and employees all over the world. Having an international client base means that employees need to be able to communicate with clients who might not speak the same language. eLearning has proven to be a very effective way to help employees develop the necessary language skills.

This form of eLearning is a relatively new concept in the business world and everyone is still in the process of trying to figure out what the most successful formula is.

Developers and business owners continue to explore the world of eLearning. In the decade or so that eLearning has been used to help with international business and a diverse employee base, there are some things that seem to lead to higher completion rates.

Using a program that leads to HR certification is a very good idea. Knowing that they’ll have another certification that they can use to help them get promotions and bigger paychecks motivates participating employees to devote more time and effort to the program, increasing the odds of them completing it.

While it’s true that programs that rely on taped tutorials cost less, it’s the programs that have been set up so participants get face to face time and even individual counseling from the instructor in their own language that have a higher success rate.

Employers need to look for programs that don’t have a ones size fits all mentality. Different people respond differently to different teaching styles. eLearning programs that can be adapted to accommodate each student’s individual needs and native language should be sought out.

There are many eLearning programs currently being marketed to the corporate world. It’s in each business owner’s best interest to choose the one that has a history of high completion rates and one that has options in many languages. If you already have an effective eLearning program in English and would like to translate it into different languages, look no further. eLanguages, Inc. is an established and experienced language translation service ready to help you.