Translation Agency

Tips to Finding a Legitimate Translation Agency

Any company that works with other cultures and languages has a lot at stake, particularly when it comes to business documents. Between a difference in the actual languages spoken and written, and the cultural innuendos that can come from various parts of the world, it is vital that a company working internationally, in whatever form that may take, find a business translation service that is professional and delivers high-quality work.

Here are some tips that can help lead you to a legitimate translation agency:

• The Basics. With bottom lines on the top of most company’s minds, most businesses are looking for a business translation service that is professional, experienced, quality-driven, and affordable. The difficult part is finding all of these characteristics without swapping one for the other. That said, listing these items in the order of most important can help a company come to the appropriate compromise if that becomes necessary.

• The Reputation. Any company is just as good as its reputation. A business that’s seeking translation services is looking for a reputable business translation service, just as that business should be seeking ways to continually improve its own reputation. What are people saying about the company? Does the translation agency’s website list client testimonials? Has it been around for more than five years? Are you able to talk to a real live person on the phone, the person who will be managing your translations?

• The Employees. Hiring a third party company is nearly the same as hiring an employee. There should be an interview process. There should be references provided and checked. There should be a history of outstanding performance that puts that company above the rest. A translation company should be willing to explain the credentials of each of the people that will be working on a company’s translations. They should be willing to disclose positives and negatives and allow a potential client to explore what they’re doing everyday to grow and improve.

• The Quality Control. Everybody makes mistakes, and a good company knows that and takes measures to prevent any errors that could come from those mistakes. Multiple reviews are essential, and they help innocent (and not so innocent) mistakes get caught and corrected before a business that’s relying on those translations makes potentially costly mistake. It’s essential to know about quality control procedures.

• Integrity. Does the agency admit to making mistakes? Does it take responsibility for them? Do they deliver what they promise? Do they keep you in the loop?

If you have questions about how you can find a great business translation service, contact our team at eLanguages, Inc., and we’ll help you find the answers you need!