Meet Pamela

By the year 1987, while the city of Los Angeles was receiving Pope John Paul II, and the Motion Picture Academy was giving the Oscar for best film to "Hope and Glory," Pamela Godoy was discovering that she had a special knack and innate talent in a field that would become her life passion, helping people who spoke different languages communicate with each other. Without imagining that later in 2000, following in her dad’s footsteps, she would become an entrepreneur and start her own language company, eLanguages, Inc.

Since then Ms. Godoy has built a very reputable “boutique” interpreting and translating agency. The company is still small enough to be able to offer personalized services to all their clients, but mature and experienced enough to be able to provide and handle translations and consulting services for Fortune 100 companies such as Walmart, Western Union, and Sprint. And in 2009, eLanguages became certified as a minority “woman-owned” business by the State of Florida. 

After 18 years in business as “eLanguages,” Pamela and her team decided that it was time to update the company name to one that better reflected who they had become through the years, so in 2018, the company evolved to weLanguages, a name that drives the brand's quality and personalization values. weLanguages’ “boutique” style business enhances the attribute of “personalized services” for all their clients. The “we” in “weLanguages” also represents the sense of unity and teamwork that we have built both with our clients and with our teams through the years.

Pamela Peterson eLanguages Inc.